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Introducing Spirituality Into Your Life: Shamanism

Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism - S. Kelley Harrell

So what should you read when you want something meaningful, something that might change your life? No, this time it's not going to be about fiction. This time I want to encourage you to read  S. Kelley Harrell's "Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism".


You are not a teen anymore? Doesn't matter! I believe the book is good for teens (mature and intelligent, the rest might have difficulties with understanding) but also for adults who enter the world of spirituality. 


It is a good introduction for anyone interested in shamanism with instructions step-by-step how to begin this incredible journey. Written in a format of a handbook with tasks or questions at the end of each chapter (titled 'What do you think?') help to introduce all the new information into your daily practices. 


And what if you are not keen on practicing shamanism? It's still a book for you: broaden your horizons and understand lifestyle and believes other than your own. Who knows, maybe reading it will light that little spark of curiosity just a bit more?


About the book:

Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism is a light-hearted and informative handbook introducing an ancient spiritual practice to today's young adults and beginning seekers. Modern shaman and author S. Kelley Harrell, gives insight into growing from an intuitive youth into a mature facilitator of healing for others, covering the history and roles of the shaman, and their relevance in our shifting times. Complete with instructions on ecstatic journeying, this guide also presents how to incorporate shamanic insights into daily life, and how to talk with others about the modern shamanic path. (from: Amazon.com)


About the author:

Kelley is a modern shaman and author in North Carolina. A lifelong intuitive, she has been on a shamanic path since 1988, and since 2000 has served her local community and an international client base through Soul Intent Arts. Her bestselling memoir, "Gift of the Dreamtime - Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma," chronicles her pivotal step from spiritual crisis into shamanism. She writes shamanic memoir, spiritual nonfiction, and new adult magickal realism. Since 2004 she's maintained the blog, "Intentional Insights," addressing reader inquiries on animism, shamanism, and the everyday paranormal. (from: Amazon.com)