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Donostia Book Club

My name is Slawka Grabowska. I organize Donostia Book Club. We meet every month to discuss previously chosen books or short stories. Check out our FB page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Donostia-Book-Club/105225566276875?ref=hl

Literature Festivals in Basque Country: Gutun Zuria and Literaktum

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Last months in Basque Country were full of events for real book lovers. It all started with Gutun Zuria in Bilbao (27-30.03.2014 and 3-6.04.2014) and continued with Literaktum in San Sebastian (8-17.05.2014). Real paradise for any reader!


We could attend conferences and meetings with, among others, such authors as: Herta Muller (Nobel 2009), Gao Xingijian (Nobel 2000), Orhan Pamuk (Nobel 2006), Clara Sanchez, Dolores Redondo and Petros Markaris.


Just to summarize all these meetings, I've decided to put the most interesting parts and the best quotes, together with short biographical notes in a series of short posts.

So, in the next posts will come:

  • Herta Muller (Gutun Zuria, Bilbao, 27/03/2014)
  • Orhan Pamuk (Gutun Zuria, Bilbao, 05/04/2014)
  • Dolores Redondo (Literaktum, San Sebastian, 14/05/2014)
  • Petros Markaris (Literaktum, San Sebastian, 15/05/2014)


I hope you will not only enjoy the coming posts, but also participate in creating them. Please post any thoughts or pictures in the comments!