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Donostia Book Club

My name is Slawka Grabowska. I organize Donostia Book Club. We meet every month to discuss previously chosen books or short stories. Check out our FB page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Donostia-Book-Club/105225566276875?ref=hl


Our Last Meeting - Summary

A Christmas Memory - Truman Capote

Thank you for coming to our last meeting, where we talked about Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory"!!! And for those who couldn't made it: here is a short summary.


1. History

The story initially appeared in Mademoiselle magazine in December, 1956. Then was reprinted in 1963 in The Selected Writings of Truman Capote. But it was the edition of 1966, just after releasing In Cold Blood, that made it really popular.

It was adapted for television in 1968, staring Geraldine Page. Truman Capote was set as narrator. Both the play and Geraldine won Emmy Awards.

Truman Capote's own reading of "A Christmas Memory" was recorded in 1959 and again in 1976.


2. Plot

The adult narrator of this story nostalgically remembers the last Christmas that he spent as a seven-year-old boy with his cousin, who called him Buddy (in memory of a boy who had once been her friend). We don't know the woman's name, he calls her 'my friend'. They live in a country house with their relatives and as each year they struggle to prepare fruitcakes fro random people who they think worthy. 


3. Historical context

it takes place during the Great Depression. We can be sure of this because of prohibition (they buy an illegal whisky), movies (the first 'talkie' was produced in 1928, a few years later all had sound and were a popular cheap entertainment), they send a cake to Franklin D Roosevelt.


4. Autobiographical Elements

It takes place in the South during the Depression in the country house. The boy lives with his relatives and becomes close with his elderly cousin. Capote did live in the South in Monroeville with his relatives, one of them his cousin Sook Faulk.


These are just the basic facts. If you want to  include something more, send me an email or post it in a comment!