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Our Thoughts on Saki

Beasts and Super-Beasts - Saki

So, here I summarized all our thoughts on Saki (Hector Hugh Munro):


1. The collection was published in 1914 and was Saki's last book before his death at war in 1916 (he was shot by a German sniper in France and it is believed that his last words were: "Put that bloody cigarette out!").

2. The meaning of his pen name: a) the cupbearer in The Rubayat of Omar Khayyam, an ancient Persian poem, b) saki monkeys, found from the rainforests of South America.

3. He is considered a master of short story and often compared to O. Henry and Dorothy Parker.

4.   Influenced by Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, and Kipling, he himself influenced A. A. Milne, Noël Coward, and P. G. Wodehouse.

5. The title parodies that of George Bernard Shaw's Man and Superman.

6. All the stories are short and go directly to the point, there is no word that is unnecessary.

7. 'The Open Window' is the most reprinted story by Saki.

8. The character of Clovis Sangrail, featured in earlier works by Saki, appears in several stories.

9. The book contains 36 stories.

10. The stories are poking fun at British people, Edwardian society and social rules of the time.

11. Great character sketches. In one-two sentences he paints them so well we can almost see them!

12. Unfortunately the general theme is quite repetitive. It would be better to read just a few of them and not the whole collection at once!


Probably I've lost some, so if you want to add anything - just let me know!