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Fire of Fryslan Review

Fire of Fryslan (Tales of Skylge Book 3) - Jen Minkman


Aska, Tjalling, Sytse, Enna, and Royce have fallen into the hands of Mayor Edison. The corrupt leader of Brandaris knows what they have done, but what he doesn't know is what motivated them. In a desperate attempt to regain power over the island, he uses the five rebels as bargaining chips to force the Skelta to reveal who is part of the Skylger resistance. Anglian girl Melinda and Skylger girl Dani team up to free their friends from prison, but their task won't be an easy one.

Meanwhile, some of the Sirens from the deep visit the indigenous Skylgers to help them to reclaim what was once theirs. And when Tesla and his assistant set sail for the island of Skylge to come to the people's aid as well, all bets are off. Edison will not give up his family's position of power without a fight, and his struggle will involve Anglians, Skylgers, and Sirens alike.

The War of Currents is about to be fought, and nothing will ever be the same again.



There are authors that just get how to talk directly to your heart. And for me Jen Minkman is one of them. I remember winning First Reads some years ago and reading one of her novels (Shadow of Time). It was good, but not my favorite. I´ve written a review with both praise and a bit of criticism. What was my surprise when the author contacted me to review her next book. And so it goes since then and I have to say that each book is better than the previous one! Right now I will buy any title by Jen Minkman without even reading a synopsis.


Fire of Fryslan is the last, 3rd book in a series Tales of Skylge. And it´s definitely the best. Minkman skilfully connects all the characters from the fist two books and ties all the, seemingly, loose ends. There is tension and drama, but at the end we get the necessary catharsis and a happy end. An ancient land where well known characters appear, we discover to be an alternative reality of our world. I´m the first one to be very skeptical about happy ends, but once the reader understands all the story, I believe a happy end was an only option. It gives hope and reinstates the faith in humanity and our capability of changing the world together.


I can´t wait to see Jen´s next project!