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'Defiant' - a Dystopian Collection

Defiant: A Dystopian Collection - Mara Li, Jen Minkman, Lis Lucassen

It is always difficult to review a collection of short stories: usually some are better than others, but after all you are reviewing them all together. So the final result is the media of all of them. Not this time: the subject of all of them is very similar, but treated in a different manner. Each story has its own unique style. How is the dystopian society of each? Without any doubt discovering the truth of how it really functions is disappointing for their characters!

Some spoilers ahead!!!

Mara Li explores the results of alternative history. What would have happened if Nazis won the war? The world separated by a huge wall, Siberian camps, people disappearing without any trace.
If I had to complain about something it would be the lack of psychological depth: some of the characters were to easy to convince to act, to trusting. I seriously doubt that in a society where you don't know who is an enemy and who is a friend, that would be much more difficult to achieve.


THE ISLAND by Jen Minkman
An isolated society divided into two groups that don't want to have nothing in common with each other. Children fighting to survive away from their parents. A mysterious history that lead to these strange habits. What really happened in past? What do the Book and the Force really mean? One could not be more surprised by finding first the bases of the strange religion they live by and then finding the REAL reasons for it. I definitely want to know what happens next!

THE TRIBUNAL by Lis Lucassen
In a perfect society there are only perfect citizens: blond, tall with blue or green eyes. There is no room for anyone different. The gates separate the sectors from the Stateless. And the Tribunal takes care of maintaining the order. Or... does it? Justa is about to discover how far her world is from being perfect. When the time comes, will she know what to choose?

I couldn't be more impressed. All the stories fit in together perfectly. The reader feels the stress of the main characters, their desperation, their hope. The authors paint pictures of dystopian world that we can only pray never to experience!