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Donostia Book Club

My name is Slawka Grabowska. I organize Donostia Book Club. We meet every month to discuss previously chosen books or short stories. Check out our FB page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Donostia-Book-Club/105225566276875?ref=hl

Hi All!

Our Monday meeting was great. I hope you all enjoyed it and that it will encourage you to nominate different kind of books for the next year!


Our April book is Joseph Conrad's & Ford Madox's "The Nature of a Crime". An we are meeting to talk about it on April, 13th at 19:45.


Also, on 23rd of April we are invited to participate in The Book Day and at 18:30 we will do the public reading. I am still considering different options. The best would be to read a short story (max. 6 pages) about World War II or about books/writing. You have time till Wednesday to nominate and sign for public reading. Of course, only those who will participate in the public reading can nominate wink emoticon


And the 3rd thing: in May we are participating in Literaktum, so the day of our meeting will be changed. I am still waiting for the confirmation, but it probably would be 7th or 8th of May.


I hope to hear from you soon!


Slawka Grabowska
Donostia Book Club